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MacBusiness Consulting (MBC) is a full-service business development and consulting company specializing in database and Website solutions. We have been servicing clients since 1986 and have been operating in Hawaii since 1993.

Our mission at MBC is to empower our clients to get the most out of their computer and website investment by providing efficient and cost-effective web and database solutions and support services to address their business needs.

We accomplish this by providing an array of unique products, services, methodologies and professional guidance that works together in seamless synergy to bring clients results they can measure. MBC is committed to achieving success for our customers through innovative solutions that differentiate us from the rest.

Why Use MBC

  • We have reasonable rates.
  • We don't tell you how to run your business - we teach you how to use the Internet and your computer to run your business better.
  • We provide complete follow-up support of all our services.
  • We teach what is not in the manual.
  • We help you manage your projects from conception to implementation.
  • MBC have an extensive technical support network.
  • We are expert troubleshooters and problem-solvers.
  • MBC technicians are not intimidating know-it-all computer pros who talk to you - we talk with you and work with you to satisfy your needs.
  • We consider no question too big or small - we address them all.

About the President - Ernest A. Abrams

Ernest Abrams is a business/marketing/computer consultant along with being a software engineer/developer, webmaster and programmer who loves what he does.

Ernest Abrams knew the moment he bought his very first Macintosh computer in 1983 that he wanted to do something with computers in his career. Leaving high school at age 16, he enrolled in a basic computer-programming course at college. After realizing his natural ability to clearly see the sequencing and structuring involved in programming, he went on to obtain his BS in Business Analysis & Computer Systems from San Francisco State University.

After moving to Hawaii 20+ years ago, Ernest built a distinguished list of clientele that he supports utilizing proprietary technology and web solutions. Along with his thriving consulting company, he enjoys giving back to his community with several free community website projects such as and

The best part of Ernest's job is providing customized personal solutions and support to each of his clients. His focus now is to continue integrating the use of the Internet and web services with his clients. According to Ernest, "Today's challenge for many businesses is the integration, use and application of the Internet into their business model."

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