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About Ernest Abrams - MacBusiness Consulting (MBC) Back to the topMy name is Ernest Abrams and I am a business and technology consultant as well as a software engineer, developer, webmaster and programmer who loves what he does. I have been serving the Hawaii community for over 30 years. Back to the top
I'm a software engineer - this means my clients come to me with projects and tasks that take hours to do on a daily or monthly basis. I help automate these tasks and reduce time spent executing, thus saving them thousands of dollars. More importantly, it saves them time, increases scalability and reduces the chance for human error.
Are you doing repetitive projects and tasks that are time consuming and think that there has to be a better way? Contact me to see if I can automate it!
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I have been a database engineering for over 30 years. I specialize in designing custom database solutions that saves my clients money, streamlines their operations, generates more revenue and automates time consuming tasks. My system also handles data collection, contact management, billing, marketing, operational, customer tracking, online order processing and much more.


1) I created the database system that manages the entire Mountain Apple Company Music Library along with a system to track/manage all their contacts (vendors, customers, employees, locations, etc.)

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2) I also designed the database that does all the invoices, quotes, proposals, purchase orders and much more for Discount Windows and Doors.

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3) I created/designed multiple publishing/advertising database solutions that managing all the contacts, invoices, publications, issues, contracts, etc for Aloha Street Magazine/Wincubic.

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https://www.macbusiness.com/d/c/wincubic-com-aloha-street-testimonial.html4) Invented and created multiple database/website solutions for PacRim Marketing Group (2017 #1 Public Relation Agency By Pacific Business News "The List")





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As a webmaster, I don't just manage websites, I make sure it works for my clients! My website business model is performance-based which means you do not have to pay me for website maintenance if it does not produce results. 

With my
MBC Performance-Based Website Solution, clients DO NOT have to pay for website maintenance unless their website performs and generates results and revenue that can be tracked and audited.

Very few webmasters will accept a relationship like this because they are not creating profitable and successful websites and tend to go for the retainer or hourly fee.

We have over 40+ performance based websites and growing every month.

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As a way to give back to my community, I also manage a series of free Hawaii websites that highlight the best things about communities like Kaimuki, where I reside, plus others such as Kakaako, Ala Moana and First Friday Hawaii in Downtown. These websites reach tens of thousands of Hawaii locals every month.

All MBC Database/Website/Solution clients get
free/priority advertising on my community websites.


See what clients have to say about my integrity and passion.


If this is something you like to explore, I would love have a meeting with you at my Kaimuki home office.

This will help you understand:

** Who I am and what I have been doing for the Hawaii community for the past 25 years.

** Demonstrate some of the unique technology I have invented and what it can do for you.

** Share with you some of the ideas I have to help your business.

** Share the latest website trends/technology.

** Why my website solutions and technology has been successful for over 15+ years.

Let me know if you like to schedule a meeting. I look forward to connecting with you.

Ernest A. Abrams / President
MacBusiness Consulting
Phone 808-739-9797

ref no:33526

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