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  • Movie Museum

    Thanks for posting the Movie Museum schedule. I get all sorts of positive comments about your website. Isn't it amazing how much our little neighborhood of Kaimuki has become such a destination? You have something to do with it, no doubt. Learn more.

    Joanne Fujita

    Movie Museum

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  • Waikiki Gateway Hotel
    Name/Title: Jim Cone - Director of Marketing
    Website (s):KaimukiHawaii.com, FirstFridayHawaii.com
    Product/Service: Advertising/Sponsorship
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    The Waikiki Gateway Hotel's main markets are North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and the local market of Hawaii. Having an average daily occupancy of over 90% affords us the luxury of trying new things. We decided to see if we could boost our market share from the Hawaii local market while maintaining above the hotels average daily rates.

    We needed accountability (in revenue) and we knew we would need cutting edge online solutions and vision to accomplish this objective. We looked at ALL points of consumer information/data distribution presently in Hawaii and were very discouraged until we found some highly specialized solutions and most impressively of all audiences that are developed by Ernest Abrams of MacBusiness Consulting. Ernest put together a number of local programs that produced a very high accountable degree of revenue. We established longer term contracts immediately.

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