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Contest/Sweepstakes System - Nightclub

In an effort to increase web site traffic and give back to their customers, the client needed to establish a system that would drive visitors to the Web site on a regular basis. The MBC eTrigger Sweepstakes System runs 24 hours a day allowing web site visitors to enter the sweepstake/contest and is reset on a monthly basis. The sweepstakes/contest prize is a VIP z-Card.

Visit Web Site with Sweepstakes/Contest System

The MBC/eTrigger Contest/Sweepstakes System

Monthly Sweepstakes Activation
  • Automatically activate and publishes each sweepstakes/contest with necesary legal terms and conditions, prize information and other legal sweepstakes related infomation.

During Sweepstakes Period
  • Visitors fill out a Web site online Sweepstakes/contest form
  • MBC/eTrigger downloads all Sweepstakes/Contest Submission
  • The system validates Emails against entry history criteria and approves or rejects. Authorized entries are sent an approval Email response with a unique confirmation number- Rejections are sent a rejection Email with explanation. Client gets copies of all emails.

Post Sweepstakes Tasks
  • The system shuts downs automatically at a pre-determined shut down date/time.
  • MBC/eTrigger automatically publishes the results (list of entries with confirmation #) on a secure Web page that only the client can review/print.
  • Automatically uploads an Publicity Release/Eligibility/Liability Release form for the winner to process.
  • Individual data fields are automatically parsed and imported into a FileMaker database - (e.g. MBC Contact Manager) and emails are added to client mail list
  • MBC/eTrrigger system sends a personalize broadcast email to all who submitted annoucing the winner...along with a little marketing/sales material.
  • New sweepstakes/contest dates are authorized and system is activated for a next sweepstakes.
The client has experienced a significant increase in daily traffic (Emails arrive on a daily basis from the sweepstakes) . Patrons now visit the Web site on a regular basis, and the client gets daily feedback (Email) from visitors about the club and/or web site. There has also been a significant increase in Email list subscriptions now that the client offers something special to patrons using the Web site. Demographic information collected for statistical purposes helps the client explore new marketing opportunities. Emails introduce additional sales opportunities for client.

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