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Email Extraction / Parser - Golf Company CASE DESCRIPTIONThe clients had been accepting/processing product orders from their Web site for years via Email. They had accumulated hundreds of Emails from which they wanted to extract information they could use for marketing purposes.SOLUTION Implementation of the MBC/eTrigger Email Extraction/Parser System. A copy of all Email orders is redirected to MBC/eTrigger Email Parser.
  • The MBC/eTrigger Email Parser extracts the relevant order data and separates the First Name from the Last Name)
  • The MBC/eTrigger exports the extracted data into the MBC Contact Manager.
  • MBC Contact Manager removes duplicates
  • MBC Contact Manager performs a broadcast Email (Eblast) offering personalized special discounts.
RESULTS - SUCCESSThe client now has a targeted Email list of hundreds of customers/contacts (first name/last name separated) and can perform seasonal personalized Eblasts on new products and sales specials. The very first personalized Eblast sent (using the MBC Contact Manager) resulted in the same amount of product that normally equals a month of sales being sold in just two days!The client now has a system where all online orders automatically go into the MBC/eTrigger and the Eblast list is now in a maintenance stage. The satisfied client is ready for the next opportunity and can't wait for Christmas!
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