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MBC eTrigger - Interactive Website Service Solution Tools

What Is the MBC eTrigger?
Powerful website tool to manage and automate a multitude of online Internet solutions that can make your Web site more interactive, increase traffic and keep your visitors coming back. It truly is the silver bullet with a straight shot to your website and database success.


A Smoldering Package
MBC / eTrigger is a package of unique website system solutions only offered by MBC that helps you engage your customers, collect and manage customer data, and increase your website traffic.

MBC eTrigger Case Studies
Case studies to help you understand what the MBC eTrigger can do for you. More...
MBC eTrigger Solutions
Available MBC eTrigger solutions. Reservations, guest list, surveys, sweepstakes, petitions and more. More...
MBC eTrigger Testimonials
See what "real" customers have to say about MBC eTiggger More...
Website Testimonials
See what "real" customers have to say about MBC website services. More...
What will MBC / eTrigger do for you?
MBC / eTrigger makes life easier by automating data gathering and organization and providing unique ways to get customers interacting with your website.

It gets you organized without the hassle: saving you time and money while pulling traffic to your website and increasing your business.

The statistical information it gathers plus tools for promotion make it the perfect way for furthering your marketing efforts.

Inside MBC / eTrigger (see links on right)

The various customizable systems in the MBC / eTrigger package are designed by MBC to run automatically 24/7 so you can let the technology do the work. MBC / eTriggerr gets yours customers involved with your website and sends you their contact info and feedback so you can stay updated on their needs and keep in touch.

Smooth Sailing

Why does MBC / eTrigger work so well? It all goes back to MBC's concept of Synergy.

All of MBC's proprietary technology flows together seamlessly to make everything work out better for you. Take a look:

1) Bob is a busy business owner who wanted to plan a seminar to educate others on his new products. He used MBC / eTrigger's Reservation System to easily invite, track and manage invitees to the event.
2) After the seminar, he wanted attendee feedback, so he used E-Trigger's Reservation System to export all the contact data into MBC's Contact Manager. The Contact Manager then sent out a personalized E-Blast to everyone asking them to fill out a short anonymous web survey.
3) The MBC / eTrigger Survey System then captured all forms and collected the information from the webpage. Bob was happy because he received honest feedback from his customers and had a lot of new traffic on his website. He also got to gather great contact data to use in targeted marketing with other E-Trigger tools. Best of all, E-Trigger's automated system did all the work!

Definitely a Straight Shot to Success!

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  • Jim Boersema
    Product/Service: Web, News, Directory, Eblast, Calendar
    Ernest, the website brings us plenty of business.
    Simply put...the MBC/etrigger (Online VIP System and Mail List Management System) has brought us customers, revenue and new opportunities we would have never seen.

    Any product/service is only as good as the customer service and support behind it. I can whole heartedly say that MBC's technical expertise, creativity and general support has made these solutions very successful for our company. I recommend the MBC/eTrigger and MBC.

    Jim Boersema
    Managing Partner

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