• MBC Website FAQ (frequently asked questions) Management Solution

MBC Website FAQ (frequently asked questions) Management Solution

What Is An FAQ Page?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage features commonly asked questions and answers in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

A great FAQ page can be one of the most important elements of your business website.

For many visitors, the website FAQ page is the second page they go to after the Home or Services pages.

What is MBC Website FAQ Management Solution?

The MBC FAQ Website Management Solution is a powerful database/website solution to efficiently create/manage our client's FAQ (frequently asked questions). It enables our clients to conveniently provide answers to questions that customers often ask.

Benefits of FAQ Page

  • FAQ webpages drive traffic to your website
  • Increase usability of your website
  • Drive your audience to paying customers
  • Increase Sales
  • Boost Your Search Engine Optimization & Ranking
  • Save your staff time responding to customers via phone/email to commonly asked questions
  • Improves the efficiencies of presenting your information to visitors.

Highlights of MBC FAQ Website Management Solution

  • Database driven for FAST editing, updating, publishing
  • Easy collapsible category section for easy viewing
  • Easy category, question, answer navigation

What do the MBC FAQ services include?

  • Custom FAQ Setup - MBC will work with you to setup a FAQ webpage for your website
  • FAQ Generation - We will collect, populate and publish your FAQs

Why use the MBC FAQ System?

  • MBC has built a system to automate the process generating multiple FAQ webpages very efficiently.
  • Our system can handle a large number of questions/answers.
  • We have an efficient system where we are able to keep your COST LOW!

How much does it cost?


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