• Seminar Reservation System - Event/Seminar

Seminar Reservation System - Event/Seminar

The client was having a special event (seminar) and wanted to utilize his Web site to confirm reservations and collect demographic information about the attendees. The client was not interested in hiring a new employee or using existing human resources to manage the hundreds of expected Emails.

Implementation of the MBC e/Trigger Reservation - RSVP System.
  • Visitors fill out a Web site form to reserve the special event
  • MBC/eTrigger monitors Emails giving an auto response/confirmation to submissions with unique confirmation numbers
  • Responses can contain info, links, attachments, pdfs etc.
  • Requests can be rejected based on certain criteria (e.g. duplicate Emails/names)
  • Data/individual fields are automatically parsed and imported into a FileMaker database - (e.g. MBC Contact Manager)
  • At the end of the campaign, the system will automatically publish the results in a secure area on the client's Web site
  • The system is scheduled to shut down automatically if the quota is met or the deadline has passed. It then uploads the relevant web pages informing Web site visitors no more reservations can be taken
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