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  • MBC Text Alert (SMS - Text Message) Service

Text Alert (SMS - Text Message) Service

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Reach your customers instantly through text!

Great news, MBC can now help you promote your latest product, event or upcoming specials through text! Introducing our new TEXT ALERT Service.
  • Over 90% of texts message campaigns are read by recipients, generating a much higher response rate.

  • Primary communication tool for the younger generation.

  • Sending text messages is a quick and easy way to communicate with your customers.
What Is It?

The MBC Text Message Alert Service includes the following services:
  1. Manage text message subscriptions

  2. Execute/manage broadcast text alert campaigns
The MBC Text Message Alert Service uses MBC's custom technology/methodology created, designed and programmed by MBC . Because we built this system from scratch, we are able to achieve a high level of integration and synergy with our client's website, operation and marketing strategies.

Why is this important?

Text message is a very important channel of communication for many businesses and individuals today and the MBC Text Alert System offers an easy-to-use, fast and efficient way to manage and communicate with your contacts via text message.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our text message service comes FREE (no monthly or execution fees) with our Website Solution. A nominal startup/setup fee is required to setup the account.

Custom solutions for website not manage by MBC is also available. Call 808-739-9797 for quote.

Many businesses are paying $30-$150 monthly fees for Text Message (SMS) services and even more $$$ to hire someone to execute their broadcast text message campaigns.

Key Features
  • Downloads, parses and tracks online text message (SMS) subscription requests.

  • Automates text message subscription confirmation process

  • Execute text message alerts

  • Unique Confirmation # Feature - Our system is capable of sending text messages with "Unique" serial/confirmation number for each recipient and generate confirmation report allowing for exclusive invitations that can be confirmed in person by merchant/vendor/venue.

  • Two-Way SMS/Text Feature - Our system is capable of custom/dynamic response system to manage text responses from customers. The empowers us to now only send text messages but to also capture text message responses for Voting/Polling, sweepstakes, and much more...

  • Automated all "STOP/OPT OUT" text message requests

  • Maintains detail audit log of all text message subscription/response communication

  • Generates logs of broadcast text (success/failure).

  • Documents and tracks actual cell phone numbers. If you ever want to move services, you have the phone numbers.

  • Abides by the Federal Communications Commission Guidelines (FCC) for text messages.

Practical Applications
  • Send new product announcements to your contacts.

  • Event announcements

  • Event VIP access/discount code

  • Send promotional and sales Alerts.

  • Voting/Polling

  • Sweepstakes

  • Corporate marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Information responses

  • Client notification systems

  • Mobile real estate listings

  • and much more

Text Message Abuse Disclaimer:

The right to send text messages to someone is a privilege not a right.
MBC strongly discourages abuse. Our system's primary purpose is to enable its client's to send authorized text messages to solicited recipients. We do not support the use of our system for unsolicited text alerts or abuse.

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  • Text-to-Email campaigns
  • Voting/Polling
  • Sweepstakes
  • Corporate marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Information responses
  • Client notification systems
  • Mobile real estate listings
  • and much more

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