• Website, Database And PC / Mac Computer Support Solutions To Prepare And Battle The Impact Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Possible Downturn In Hawaii Economy

Website, Database And PC / Mac Computer Support Solutions To Prepare And Ba

MacBusiness Consulting Products and Services are Ideal for to prepare to battle the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Possible Downturn In Hawaii Economy.

Remote Management: We have been remotely managing our projects and clients for over 15 years. We have develop a wealth of tools, methodologies that do not require person to person interaction.

Performance Website Solutions: Reduce risk and make your website self-sustaining. Website solution where you to do not have to spend money on website maintenance (updates, social media, eblast, newsletters, blog posts, etc). We only get paid when the website make money! This ensures we do everything we can to make your website a major success and you do not have to worry about being nickeled and dime every time your want to make a update.

This is like putting solar panels on your website!

MBC Contact Manager 6.0: Multi-User / Cross Platform Contact database develop for remote management, hosting, etc.

PC / MAC Support: We have to been specializing in remote PC / Mac support for over 15 years!

Free Advertising: MBC clients qualify for free advertising / promotion on our Hawaii community websites!

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Call 808-739-9797 to get more info/details.

  • Website Services
    The seamless synergy we are able to achieve with our Website and database solutions has empowered us to create successful Websites for our clients.
  • Custom Database Development
    MBC can assist the streamlining of existing databases as well as develop complex relational database systems to manage your business.
  • PC/Macintosh Support
    Getting prompt, accurate and proactive PC/Mac support services are becoming more and more a challenge. Many of our MBC clients have realized the value of using our computer support services.

  • MBC / Ernest Abrams Free Hawaii Neighborhood / Community Websites

    Macbusiness Consulting/Ernest Abrams is the owner of a variety of family-friendly FREE Hawaii community websites (see links below) that have been around for since 2005. He uses these websites as a way to give back to Hawaii and practice his passion/craft. More...

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