• Website vs. Website Solution

"A website is what the people ask for...and a web solution is what they actually need."

The table below will help you understand how to save a lot of time, money and frustration when building/managing a website solution for your company. Avoid the big mistakes that are commonly made when building a website solution for your company. Call us at 808-739-9797 to explore building a successful website solution.

A typical web site that needs help...

A MBC Web Solution

Is not producing profitable results
Is a profitable business center
Deters people from engaging on the website
Converts potential leads into new customers and clients
Is not based on a sound business model for accountability and is not performance-based
Is based on a sound business model
Does not generate new leads or drive business
Generates new leads and drives business
Is not optimized to rank high with search engines
Ranks at the top of Internet search engine results
Would be difficult to measure effectiveness
Produces tangible results
Does not collect useful prospect and client information in a database
Collects valuable prospect and client data into a database
Does not create synergies with your existing business systems
Achieves synergy with your existing business systems and databases (We are database developers)
Is a copy of your company brochure
Is aligned with your company’s marketing efforts
Is unchanging and lifeless
Is dynamic and engaging
Does not evolve with your business
Is flexible and evolves with your business
Costs you money and does not make you money
Provides a positive return on investment

With our family of family of MBC Website Tools: MBC Directory Maker, Home Page Manager, and MBC NewsMaker, MBC Calendar Maker, MBC Photo Gallery Maker, MBC Emailer, MBC Etrigger and more. we are able to create synergies that provide you with the best investment for your money!

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