• MBC Email Spam Jammer Testimonials
  • G. E. Dehnert
    It is my pleasure to recommend for your positive consideration MBCs' Email Spam Jammer:

    The mechanism and coaching have helped me become a more proficient worker. My Productivity has gone up and I am able to accomplish more necessary, income related, and diar related work. As with many of the services offered at Mac Business Consulting, I truly wish I did it earlier. It has helped me see which emails or lists I was on, which I didn't think was a big deal but truly affected my value of precious time. Junk Mail: not an issue anymore. It's good thing for me and my company(s).

    G. E. Dehnert, President
    GEKD, INC dba OOSPOT & Hype Hawaii Hype Hawaii
  • Jan Lee
    Today using my email and the new Spam Jammer/Email email managment system you set up for me, I really noticed the difference in my capability to accomplish a good days work.

    Life has been throwing challenges my way for the past few month and I was truly for the first time in 32 years of business feeling as if "I just can't do it any more ". I would miss many emails and not responding quickly to clients.

    Now that I am working with my new computer and your email management solution. I'm feeling so good today as I got my jobs all flagged, so I can move them forward... and I feel like I couldn't of accomplished my days work without what Mac business Consultants has done for me.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on how to handle this digital jungle...out there.

    Love the spam jam and the organization of the important stuff has given me new inspirations.

    Jan Lee
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