The new MBC Contact Manager (MBC CMDB) Email System allows you to send personalized Emails with HTML (images/styled text) and/or Text format directly from FileMaker Pro to an individual or a group of contacts. It also allows you to include attachments. The MBC CMDB Email System is only available with the purchase of the popular MBC Contact Manager 5.0 (runs on Mac OS and Windows).

The MBC CMDB Email System includes the MBC HTML Pallet which allows you to assign many of the popular HTML tags to selected text with just one click. Now you can send Emails out like the professionals with very little knowledge of HTML!

Email is a very important channel of communication for many businesses and individuals today and the new MBC CMDB Email System offers an easy-to-use, fast and visually appealing way to communicate with your contacts.

You can learn more about the MBC CMDB Email System by visiting the link below:

If you like to learn more about the MBC Contact Manager 5.0 visit:

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