Sheila Donnelly's & Associates (SDA) needed a web site solution that could present hundreds of current press releases, slides and press kits for 50 plus clients. It was important to keep the "maintenance cost" low in order for the solution to be successful.

The Web site is over 1700+ pages and we use many of MBC's "Cost Cutting Tools" to automate the maintenance of the site.

To check it out, click on the link below and go to "Our Clients" area:

Sheila Donnelly & Associates

The list below are some of the Cost Cutting Tools we used to create/manage the SDA Web site:
  • MBC HTML Generator - Used to automate creation of press kits, press releases and media request forms HTML pages.
  • MBC PDF Generator Technology - Used to automate the creation of PDF versions of the press kits documents.
  • MBC Microsoft Word® to HTML Converter Technology - Used to automate the conversion of MS Word press kit documents to HTML files.
  • MBC Photo Gallery Maker - Used to automate the creation of client slide pages.

Microsoft Word is a registered trade mark of Microsoft Corp. Inc.

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