The MBC NewsMaker Database is a powerful FileMaker database tool that stores and tracks the MBC news that you see on this page and the news archive.

All we do is enter calenar events and with one click our HTML news pages are generated with all the dynamic links for easy navigation. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with up-to-date news about MBC that can easily be maintained and is easy for visitors to navigate.

The MBC NewsMaker DB was first introduced in November of 1998 and this update introduces new FileMaker technology we have developed/acquired in the past few years.

The new design also enables MBC to manage other client Web sites news using this technology. Many clients want to have current news on their Web site, but it just cost too much to have their webmaster maintain it. The MBC NewsMaker Database minimizes the cost, yet gives a easy to navigate news area.

If you are interested in having news on your Web site like MBC, drop us a email or call 808-739-9797.

If you would like to see other MBC Web Site Cost Cutting Tools visit:

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