Good Things Come in Website Packages:
MBC Helps Companies Bring in Business
with its New 2599 Web Solution

A new website solution by Macbusiness Consulting (MBC) has been creating a buzz amongst local businesses that need a presence on the web or an improvement on their current website.

Many of these companies realize the value of a functional and cost-effective website to drive customers to their businesses. The MBC 2599 Website Solution helps companies achieve results with a multitude of unique features and tools in a loaded package for one low flat fee

Honolulu, HI. December, 2008-- More satisfied customers have been seeing results with MBC's 2599 Website Solution - a package that provides a functional and content-rich website for a flat fee of $2599. The web solution aims to deliver companies and individuals a website containing unique features and tools to help them better manage their client lists, databases, and bring increased business traffic. All of the technology in the web solution package has been designed specifically by MBC to work together seamlessly and allows for a higher level of synergy with client's Web site and operations.

The solution provides a variety of features to give customers substantial content for the price, including: an MBC website directory and site directory solution, site analysis, design, navigation and architecture, online email list subscription and broadcast email system and setup, MBC news posting system and a 5 hour website maintenance contract. The site design is customizable to the specific person or business and includes a generous amount of pages depending on the project.

According to April Andujar of Aloha Nannies, "MBC did more than build me a website. MBC built me a web solution with tools that runs my operation. I save an astronomical amount of time since all online forms submissions go straight into my operational/marketing database (built by MBC)."

The 2599 Web Solution has also been a success for Jim Boersema, managing partner at Zanzabar Nightclub, who has found the website solution tools helpful in managing and drawing in customers. Jim stated that, "the MBC/e-trigger (Online VIP System and Mail List Management System) has brought Zanzabar Nightclub customers, revenue and new opportunities we would have never seen."

MBC promotes the web package as being the complete solution to their customer's website and database needs. MBC aims to get each website up an running as quickly and efficiently as possible while taking the work out to the client's hands and into their own. President of MBC, Ernest Abrams is confident in his ability to commit to customer satisfaction and to bringing clients "results you can measure- more money, more traffic, more opportunity and a greater return on investment."

For additional information on the Website Solution 2599, contact Ernest Abrams (808) 739-9797 or visit

About MacBusiness Consulting (MBC):
MBC is a full service business development and consulting company specializing in database and Web site solutions. They have been is business since 1986 and have been service clients in Hawaii since 1993.

Ernest Abrams, President
MacBusiness Consulting

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