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MBC is proud to announce the introduction of the MBC/eTrigger Petition System. This petition system enables MBC clients to collect petition information from a Web page petition and automatically parse the information into a FileMaker database for reporting, publishing etc.

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Online petitions without some form of good validation tend to be worthless.

Unlike many other online petitions, MBC online petition system is driven by the MBC Etrigger develop by MacBusiness Consulting that maintains one authoritative master copy of petition and audits all submissions.
  • Each approved submission is assigned a unique confirmation number.
  • Each signature, phone number and email address is logged for possible explicit or statistical validation.
  • Duplicate names/Email addresses are rejected by the system.
  • Email addresses will not be displayed online or submitted on the final petition report.
  • Email addresses are kept confidential by and never be shared with outside entities.
  • Phone numbers are not displayed online but may be on final petition report if requested by petition owner. Required to make the petition more legitimate.
  • Each person who signs is automatically sent a confirming email message, minimizing bogus Email addresses.
  • Validation is a somewhat separate issue from delivery. Delivery of the petition will not include the email addresses of petition signers due to privacy issue but we do list the phone number to make the submitted petition more legitimate.
  • If deeper validation of a petition is really called for, the MBC Etrigger has the technical ability to perform a statistical validation by contacting a sampling of signers directly via the email addresses we have privately archived.

Ensuring identity without invading privacy is a challenge. We don't see that a perfect solution is currently available but want to make sure our petitions can gain the respect necessary to achieve its goal.

There is not yet any widespread foolproof system for establishing online identity. An email address is not enough to establish identity by itself, but it is substantially more than just a name, and it provides a link back to a person for (the potential of) confirming identity.

ABOUT THE MBC / eTrigger

MBC / eTrigger makes life easier by automating data gathering and organization and providing unique ways to get customers interacting with your website. MacBusiness Consulting can implement these types of interactive solutions on your website and give you a straight shot website and database success. Just a few types etrigger solutions:

  • Online VIP/Special Offer List System
  • Online Reservation (RSVP) System
  • Contest/Sweepstakes /Giveaway System
  • Email/Online Form Database Extraction Parser System
  • Simple Survey System
  • Mail List Subscription System

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Yet another powerful solution/application from the MBC/eTrigger.

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