MBC Launches Real Estate Video Production

Add more impact to your Honolulu Real Estate listings by adding a video component to your presentation! Here at MBC, we are constantly finding ways to help you innovate and stay ahead of the game. Our MBC Real Estate Video Production Package does just that.

We understand that time and money are major factors that may prevent Realtors and Agents from using videos to present their properties. That is why we've created the MBC Real Estate Video Production Package. A simple, no-frills solution to adding videos to your listings, at a fraction of the standard cost!. Other great benefits include:

- Affordable video production package of only $150 per video (no voice over)

- Quick production turnaround so you can present and sell your properties faster!

- Video Watermark that can help increase your Search Engine Optimization ranking

- Voice-over video services also available upon request

To view our existing videos, visit Honolulu Real Estate Views Featured Homes and Condos for Sale and select a property to view:


If you'd like to get started or would like to know more, feel free to call Ernest at 808-739-9797 or email ernest@macbusiness.com

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