MacBusiness Consulting is proud to announce the addition of MBC Website/Email Newsletter Service to our Website Solutions Package.

We at MBC know that it is critical for our clients to execute and maintain newsletter/Email campaigns on a regular basis. Many successful companies maintain a consistent level of communication with its customers and prospects using newsletters/Emails. When done right, it allows companies to maintain a relationship without being too invasive yet still being there when the timing is right.

We have developed a technology and a methodology that automates the creation, maintenance and execution of multiple newsletter campaigns for our clients. This automation empowers us to give this service to our website solutions clients for FREE and at a very low charge for clients not using the MBC Website Solution.


Honolulu Dentist Newsletter

Patrick Ching Art

RC Roofing Hawaii

Kaimuki Hawaii Newsletter

How Does it Work?

  • The formula is simple - You draft your newsletter in Microsoft Word†® and Email it to us. We take care rest...
  • Drafts/updates are sent to you until you finalize/approve your newsletter
  • We then execute a personalized broadcast Email of your newsletter to your mailing list using the MBC Emailer.
  • We also publish your newsletter on your website and apply search engine optimization to the webpage.


  • No monthly fees. Some companies charge between $50-$100 month to maintain a active Email list.
  • Real-time design is easy for you using well established Microsoft Word
  • High level of synergy with your website
  • Newsletters features easy navigation using table of contents
  • Increase your mailing list
  • Your newsletters are posted and archived on your website
  • SEO Enhancements - Our Search Engine Optimization techniques improve the visibility of your website in popular search engines such as

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