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MBC is proud to announce the implementation of a database management solution for Access Lifts of Hawaii Inc. using the FileMaker Pro 15/17 platform. Hawaii's Leading Provider of Access Solutions for Hawaii and the Pacific.
  • Complex Job Costing / Service Manager
  • Proposal/Invoice Management
  • Powerful Contact Management with correspondence, Email, keyword, follow-up, history, batch processing features and other marketing features.
  • Multi-user programming for a fleet of sales representatives/staff in the office

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  • Geno Godinet - Owner
    Name: Geno Godinet - Owner
    Company: Access Lifts of Hawaii
    Date: 10/15/2010
    Client Since: 7/21/1997
    Product/Service: MBC Contact Manager with custom job, service job costing modules functions

    The MBC Contact Manager Database is really the solution our business was looking for! Ernest has designed for us a great database system that addresses our need to streamline and consolidate our proposal drafting, invoicing, dispatching, job management and service schedule management processes into one efficient system.

    Since 1997 when we started using the MBC CMDB, our business has evolved from a manual system into a streamlined database where we are able to manage all of our critical processes. The CMDB was able to significantly remove a lot of human error that used to cost us thousands of dollars. I am happy to say that our company is still reaping the benefits of this great system, saving us a lot of expenses and helping us make money as well by helping to manage our ever growing business. Any company that's looking for an efficient database solution should look no further than MBC's CMDB solution.
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