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Advertising and Sponsorship On MBC High Traffic Websites

Advertising and Sponsorship On MBC High Traffic We

Take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL by advertising on MBC's High Traffic Websites!

MBC High Traffic Websites reaches target marketsthat are difficult to reach through traditional channels. Advertising on a MBC High Traffic Website is a great way to get your message across to your target audience and bring in new business to your company.


Kaimuki, Hawaii Advertising / Sponsorship

The Kaimuki, Hawaii community is a densely populated, upscale urban neighborhood that has a It has an incredible amount of buying power. 10,000 - 13,000 unique visitors a month and 600-800 website visits per day. More...

First Friday Honolulu Art Gallery Walk Advertising / Sponsorship

First Friday Honolulu Art Gallery walk is one of largest monthly events that draws thousands to Downtown/Chinatown during the First Friday of each month. 4,000 - 6,000 unique visitors a month and 200-300 website visits per day. More...

Double-O-Spot Advertising / Sponsorship

One of the top party/event promoters in Hawaii. The dance community has an incredible amount of buying power and influence with 16-30 age group in Hawaii. 3,000-5,000 unique visitors a month and 150-300 website visits per day. More...

Midas Hawaii Advertising / Sponsorship

Midas has been in Hawaii for more than 50 years. We caters to all Hawaii car owners, many of whom live/work in the immediate area of each Midas location.3,000 unique visitors a month and about 150 website visits per day. More...

MacMouse Club Advertising / Sponsorship

MacMouse Club has been working with Macintosh community and Apple users offering sales, service and repair for over twenty years. Reach a target market who tend to be artistic, trendy, cool, hip and sociable individuals, who are always in the know about the latest trends in fashion, music, food, business and technology. More...
Waikiki Get Advertising / Sponsorship
NEW - A website for the Waikiki - Honolulu, Hawaii community. More...

As the website developer for these sites, we have the flexibility to tailor and manage the advertising content based on your needs and budget. Call 808-739-9797 today for more information.

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Advertising Testimonials
See what our satisfied customers are sayings about advertising on MBC High traffic websites.
Waikiki Gateway Hotel
Name/Title: Jim Cone - Director of Marketing
Website (s),
Product/Service: Advertising/Sponsorship
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The Waikiki Gateway Hotel's main markets are North America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and the local market of Hawaii. Having an average daily occupancy of over 90% affords us the luxury of trying new things. We decided to see if we could boost our market share from the Hawaii local market while maintaining above the hotels average daily rates.

We needed accountability (in revenue) and we knew we would need cutting edge online solutions and vision to accomplish this objective. We looked at ALL points of consumer information/data distribution presently in Hawaii and were very discouraged until we found some highly specialized solutions and most impressively of all audiences that are developed by Ernest Abrams of MacBusiness Consulting. Ernest put together a number of local programs that produced a very high accountable degree of revenue. We established longer term contracts immediately.

Jewel or Juice
Name: Chris Chan
Title: Owner

View Profile

The 5% coupon turns out more often than any other website coupons... thank you very much for the wonderful website and platform."Learn more about Jewel or Juice.

After School Heroes, LLC Testimonial

Name: Michelle and Christina
Title: Owners
View Profile has been such a strong advocate for us. They are always prompt on posting updates and kept a close helping hand when we needed it. Their monthly reminders to post new information on their page have been greatly helpful as well. For our summer program, they forwarded 13 leads to us... We are extremely grateful that we are part of"
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