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MacBusiness Consulting (MBC) Website Solution 2.0 - Honolulu, Hawaii New MBC Website Solution 4.0 Launched! - Our unique and proprietary methodology/technology for populating and managing websites is making our client's website very successful.

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved MBC Website Solution 4.0 featuring the best of the MBC Website (3.0) Solution along with new features such as a new home page carousel technology, SVG images integration, SVG icon technology, ecommerce registration system, updated membership solution driven by the latest CSS, HTML and MBC custom database technology.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MBC Website Solution 4.0 is a performance based model. YOU DO NOT PAY FOR ANY WEBSITE MAINTENANCE/NEW DEVELOPMENT/FEATURES/UPDATES! (View maintenance services.) You only pay for services when the website generates "direct/trackable" revenue for you. This ensures we do everything we can to make your website a major success and you do not have to worry about being nickeled and dimed every time your want to make an update.

With this new 4.0 version, our customers still benefit from the existing successful features of our original Web 3.0 Solution such as SEO driven content, multiple language translations, dynamic form engagement systems and a performance-based website solution model.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • New Template Framework/Technology (driven by the latest CSS, HTML5 and MBC custom database technology)

  • New modern/mobil friendly SVG Image Integration

  • New Fluid Layout Design

  • Modernized Look and Feel

  • Scalable Layout For Any Screen Size (mobile, tablet, desktop)

  • Dynamic Sidebar

  • Mobile Friendly (Android and Apple iOS)

  • Updated International/Multiple Languages Function - Website can be viewed in over 70+ languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc)

  • Dynamic Layout Display Functions (show/hide objects base on device)

  • New Modal Dialog display feature

  • New Rotating Product/Service Function For Each Page

  • New Photo Video with Live Voiceover Service ( Sample)

  • New Icon Image Management Features

  • Updated MBC Photo Catalog and Image Generator

We have also maintained the key successful features from our previous solutions such as:

  • Performance-based Website Solution - We only get paid if your website makes money!
  • Dynamic Yellow Box Header - Many of MBC websites are hundreds if not thousands of pages. Our special yellow box technology allows us deploy content that can show up on all pages of entire website in seconds.
  • SEO (Text) - Our websites are content driven and populated by our powerful SEO model
  • SEO (Graphics) - ALL graphics posted on our websites are SEO optimized using our custom-made graphic generator.
  • Dynamic Form Engagement System
  • Automated Form Engagement/Tracking System
  • Homepage Content Management
  • Hourly homepage update Technology
  • Powerful Geo-Mapping Technology
  • Integrated Social Media Maintenance System (Facebook / Twitter)
  • Powerful News Management System
  • Powerful Calendar Management System
  • Powerful Directory Profile Management System
  • Powerful Photo Gallery Management System
  • Newsletter Distribution (Online and Broadcast Email)
  • Email List Management Broadcast - Including Email Execution/Delivery and Follow-up
  • Integrated Paypal e-Commerce System

Other features included

Call us today at 808-739-9797 to find out more about The MBC Website Solution 4.0 and let us help get you started on a truly successful website!

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