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  • MBC Integrates Automated FaceBook and Twitter Posting Into Its Website Management Tools

MBC is proud to announce the successful implementation of our automated Facebook and Twitter posting technology in the family of MBC Website Tools (MBC Directory Maker, Home Page Manager, and MBC NewsMaker, MBC Calendar Maker).

This custom technology programmed and designed by MBC President, Ernest Abrams, allows for the automation of the following:
  • Monitor, post and track client's website Facebook and Twitter accounts directly in our custom database systems.
  • Streamline process of getting content used on client's website integrated into their social media pages.
  • High level of synergy with client's website content/functions and social media posting.
  • Perform client website social media maintenance/reporting efficiently and cost effectively.
MBC can now manage, edit, process, track, and upload hundreds of social media accounts and post in a fraction of the time it would normally take. The bottom line...we can do it fast and keep our client's website maintenance cost low. We have accomplish this with a unique and proprietary database and work flow technology.

Social media posting and management can be extremely time consuming and significantly increase the cost of website maintenance. We automated the process so we can keep our Web site design and maintenance costs for our client's very low.
"Now that MBC has the proper technological foundation to automate, which have made our client's Web site "extremely" functional and rich with content, we are now investing the time and energy automating so that our client's website social media solutions become successful as well. It's and evolution not a one-time event" says Ernest Abrams.
Many website projects fail because the maintenance costs or required resources don't justify the financial investment and stop being maintained. We are able to still apply our high level of advice, expertise and analysis to maintain your site yet keep the maintenance costs low. We constantly strive to ensure our clients get "return on investment". We achieve this by optimizing our clients revenue and minimizing costs.

MacBusiness Consulting (MBC) is a full-service business development and consulting company specializing in database and Web site solutions. We have been servicing clients since 1986 and have been operating in Hawaii since 1993. For inquiries, please call Ernest at 808-739-9797.


  • MBC Web Site Directory Maker
    MBC has the tool to quickly and economically setup all kinds of Web site directories (i.e. products, services, people, etc. ). It's tools like this that differentiate us from the rest.
  • MBC Web Site Calendar Maker
    A powerful database tool designed by MBC that stores, manages and publish our client's Web site calendars. Our calendar system are both intuitive for the visitor and automates the time consuming back-end tasks.
  • MBC Web Site News Maker
    A is a powerful Web site tool designed by MBC that stores, manages an publish our client's Web site news. Keeping your visitors current about your company is an important function of any Web site.
  • MBC Web Site Home Page Manager
    This powerful Web site tool created by MBC automates keeping our client's home page interactive, current and rich with content!

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