Duke Bainum is a well known politician in Honolulu, Hawaii. This Web site is rich with content and features a video library, photo gallery, audio clip library, testimonial system, online donation system, online survey, multiple online forms and demonstrate MBC's new related link technology.

MBC services include: Conception, design, programming, implementation and maintenance.

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It's our custom Web site tools that differentiate us from the rest. MBC have spent thousands of hours developing proprietary/custom Web site tools that gives us maximum flexibility and a high level of synergy to address our client's Web site needs.
  • MBC Web Site Directory Maker
    MBC has the tool to quickly and economically setup all kinds of Web site directories (i.e. products, services, people, etc. ). It's tools like this that differentiate us from the rest.
  • MBC Web Site Home Page Manager
    This powerful Web site tool created by MBC automates keeping our client's home page interactive, current and rich with content!
  • MBC eTrigger
    Powerful website tool to manage and automate a multitude of online Internet solutions that can make your Web site more interactive, increase traffic and keep your visitors coming back.
  • MBC Web Site Calendar Maker
    A powerful database tool designed by MBC that stores, manages and publish our client's Web site calendars. Our calendar system are both intuitive for the visitor and automates the time consuming back-end tasks.
  • MBC Web Site News Maker
    A is a powerful Web site tool designed by MBC that stores, manages an publish our client's Web site news. Keeping your visitors current about your company is an important function of any Web site.
  • MBC EMailer
    The MBC EMailer is a broadcast/Email list management that manages our client's Web site mailing list and executes broadcast Email campaigns.
  • MBC Web Site Photo Gallery Maker
    A database tool Web site tool by MBC that allows us to create/manage multiple Web site photo galleries. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • MBC Web Site Meta Tag Tracker
    This SEO technology enables MBC to manage meta tag/search engine optimization data for thousands of Web pages for our clients cost effectively.
  • MBC Domain Tracker
    The MBC Domain Tracker is a powerful database to efficiently manage our client's domain data, E-mail accounts and other domain releated information.

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