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  • The MBC/eTrigger is a variety of Interactive online Web site solutions created, designed and programmed by MBC that keep your visitors coming back and empowers your Web site to collect valuable visitors data. Our current available solutions include:
  • MBC eTrigger - Email/Online Form Extraction/Parser System
    Extracting information from forms submitted to your Web site can turn in the real opportunity. Now you can do something with all the emails you've been saving.
  • MBC eTrigger - Mail List System
    See how easy it is to get email submitted to your web site be sent directly into your broadcast email marketing mail list.
  • MBC eTrigger - Online Reservation/RSVP System
    A online reservation system can really pay off. Offering an easy way for potential attendees to RSVP can significantly increase attendance.
  • MBC eTrigger - Online Simple Survey System
    Surveys provide essential feedback that can be used to attain more business by repeating compliments or improving products/services. See how it can work successfully for for you.
  • MBC eTrigger - Online VIP/Special Offer System
    Giving your customers and prospects VIP treament can make a BIG difference. Targeted marketing can significantly increase sales by up to 50% and is more cost effective than radio or print advertising.
  • MBC eTrigger - Sweepstakes - Contest - Giveaway System
    Running a sweepstakes/contest on your Web site is a great way to drive traffic to your site, give back to your customers and build your mailing list.
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