• What's New in MBC Contact Manager

What's New in MBC Contact Manager (CMDB)

MBC Contact Manager 6.0 (CMDB)(December 1, 2019)

New Functions

  • New Contact Grouping functions
  • New Follow-Up Template System
  • Contact photo storage and internet photo lookup function.
  • New Broadcast Email Functionality
    • Throttle capability
    • Unsubscribe functions
    • Bounce Email function
  • New automated VCard import function
  • New Apple Contacts import / sync functions
  • New HTML/Eblast Word Processing Editor
  • Powerful RTF Print/Email template and merge function


  • Tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 19 (available forFileMaker 15 to 19)
  • Compatible will latest MacOS and Windows operating systems.
  • Streamline code for easier integration of custom modules/updates.
  • Integrate new drag and drop functionality.
  • Updated help system.

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