The MBC Contact Manager Database makes generating correspondence for an individual or a group of contacts a breeze. View screen shots below.

Correspondence Key Features

Letter Functions
  • Print letters.
  • Mail Merge letters.

Fax Functions
  • Fax directly from the Contact Manager Database.
  • Send personalized merged broadcast faxes directly from the Contact Manager Database.

Email Functions
  • HOT! MBC CMDB Direct Email:
  • Send Emails directly from the MBC Contact Manager Database to the Internet in HTML/Text formatted text that can include attachments. The MBC CMDB Direct Email is such a powerful feature, we have created a dedicated page to help you understand its capability. Please see the Email System section in the MBC CMDB Tour.
  • Send individual Emails from the Contact Manager Database to your Email software.
  • Send personalized merged broadcast Emails from the Contact Manager Database to your Email software.

Other Correspondence Features
  • Supports up to 4 different correspondence sets (i.e. business 1, business 2, business 3, personal) plus a blank set for preprinted letterhead and envelopes.
  • Letter Library - Create and edit a list of predefined letters that can be easily pasted into correspondence layouts.
  • Picture Library - Create and edit a list of images to be pasted on the picture fax layout
  • User-friendly letter, fax, and E-mail merging interfaces.
  • Multi-page fax, transmittals, letters and picture faxes.
  • Auto paste of signatures for faxes and letters.
Standard Layouts
Single Correspondence
  • Letter
  • Memo
  • Fax Cover
  • Fax Transmittal
  • Email
  • Email Direct - HTML/Text
  • Envelope
  • Picture Fax

Merge Correspondence
  • Letter Merge
  • Fax Merge
  • Email Merge
  • Email Direct Merge - HTML/Text
  • Envelope Merge
  • Fax Merge Letter
  • Avery Label 5160/8160 Merge
  • Avery Label 5164/8164 Merge
  • Plus you can create your own correspondence layouts.

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