Below are more features that make the MBC Contact Manager Database so powerful:

  • (1) Multi-user work group ready. Everyone in your office can use the same database and share information.

On-Line Help Feature View screen shot below.
  • The MBC Contact Manager has a detailed On-Line Help with step-by-step instructions.

Internet Functions
  • Go directly to a contact's Web site from the Contact Manager Database.
  • Get a geographic map of a contact's address from the Internet with just one click.

Export Functions
  • Export E-mail Groups to quickly send E-mail messages to a group of contacts.
  • Export Eudora® Address Book.
  • Export E-mail addresses for import in Outlook Express®.
  • Export Fax numbers for import into your fax software.
  • Export merge data for Microsoft Word®.

  • (1) The MBC CMDB is designed for integration of add-on modules as your business grows (invoicing, billing, inventory, etc.).

  • The MBC CMDB is designed to allow you to create your own layouts (required full version of FileMaker Pro®).

Other Features
  • US Zip Code Lookup - Will lookup city and state after you type in the zip code.
  • Hawaii Demographic Lookup - When you type in a Hawaii zipcode, it will automatically lookup the island. Also shows a Oahu region (i.e. Central Honolulu, Windward, Leeward, etc.) if applicable.

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