The Email System available with the MBC Contact Manager allows you to send personalized Emails with HTML (images/styled text) and/or Text format directly from FileMaker Pro to an individual or a group of contacts. It also allows you to include attachments.

Email is a very important channel of communication for many businesses and individuals today and the new MBC CMDB Email System offers an easy-to-use, fast and visually appealing way to communicate with your contacts. View screen shots below.

Email System Key Features
  • Cross-Platform - Runs on Mac OS and Windows.
  • Send Emails directly to the Internet (no need to send to your Email Software).
  • Send personalize Merge Emails (i.e "Dear George").
  • Send HTML formatted Emails (with graphics & styled text), Text or HTML and Text format.
  • MBC HTML Editor Pallet (Easy system to assign HTML, URL, image tags to text).
  • Preview button to review HTML Emails in Internet Explorer/browser.
  • Send Emails with attachments (pdf, jpg, etc).
  • Can include the contacts's name in the "subject" of the broadcast Emails.
  • Text Letter Library (stores predefined text letter templates).
  • HTML Letter Library (stores predefined HTML letter templates).
  • Preview HTML Letter Library Templates.
  • Generates logs of broadcast Emails (success/failure if message was sent).
  • Sends copy/transcript of sent message to the sender
  • Send individual Emails from the Contact Manager Database to your Email software.
  • Send personalized merged broadcast Emails from the Contact Manager Database to your Email software
  • eMerge Project Manager - System to manage multiple broadcast Email campaigns.
  • And more... - These are only the key features. There are many more features and functions.

Practical Applications
  • Send new product announcements to your contacts.
  • Send a customized newsletter to your contacts.
  • Send Event announcements to your contacts.
  • Send tip and "how to" Emails to your contacts.
  • Send promotional and sales Emails.
  • Send Emails with FAQs from your current contacts.
  • Send Emails on available job positions in your company.
  • Send spontaneous Emails with valuable info you just read or found out about it.
Spam Warning:
MBC strongly discourages sending "spam" (Unsolicited EMails) using the MBC CMDB Email System. The MBC CMDB Email System primary purpose is to enable its users to send personalized messages to solicited recipients. If you're planning to use the MBC CMDB Email System for unsolicited mailings, please don't! We will not provide technical support if you use the MBC CMDB Email System for spamming. The MBC CMDB Email System does not enable you to forge headers, suck Email addresses off of the Internet, randomize the FROM Field and other spam related activities.

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Email Merge (Text) Layout

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eMerge Project Manager Layout
The eMerge Project Manager is a powerful new function in the MBC Contact Manager Database. It allows the user to create, manage and store multiple PLAIN TEXT / HTML Email broadcast campaigns.

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